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Ancient Greece and Egypt:
Pathways to Outreach and Impact

Knowledge Exchange Project C72 KEI2023-02-07

The cooperation between the Department of Greek and Latin at University College London and Palladion, a community-focused Classics project in Budapest started in 2022 with the launch of Graeco-Aegyptiaca. Graeco-Aegyptiaca is a collaborative initiative by colleagues in the fields of Egyptology and Classics to bring together researchers and non-academics across the world who are interested in the history of cultural interaction between Egyptians and Greeks from the very beginning to the Byzantine period. Graeco-Aegyptiaca centers around a lecture series given monthly by renowned scholars in the field and is already in its third season.

In 2024 the Palladion – UCL collaboration enters a new phase with the launch of a one-year Knowledge Exchange project entitled ‘Ancient Greece and Egypt: Pathways to Outreach and Impact’ (C72 KEI2023-02-07), which aims to promote the study of the ancient world and make the past relevant to today on an even broader scale. We are creating a joint platform to share our knowledge, skills and experience on how to make antiquities studies more accessible and appealing for the younger generations studying in secondary and higher education institutions, and for a non-academic audience. Within the project’s framework, the Palladion and UCL team will embark on

• creating interactive content on ancient cultures for a young audience
• developing virtual exhibition trails related to classical antiquity, and
• providing online resources to accompany the Graeco-Aegyptiaca lecture series.

The project runs from February 2024 to January 2025.

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What we do together

Graeco-Aegyptiaca Lectures

A monthly research seminar on cultural interactions between ancient Egyptians and Greeks. 

Cosmic Magic

Workshop on astronomy, astrology and Graeco-Egyptian cultural interactions in London, 3–4 June 2024.

Palladion Kids

Fun activities, ancient artefacts, mini glossary.

Graeco-Aegyptiaca Resources

Related sites, useful links and resources.

Online Exhibition trails

Stories told through objects, objects connected by cultures.

How-to Guides

Information on the creative,
methodical and technical aspects of our work, best practices.