What is the Palladion?

The Palladion is a statue.
It represents Pallas Athene with helmet, aegis and spear; standing with her legs together, motionless. It is a cult image carved of wood, the origin and eventual fate of which has been retold in various accounts by many people. It was believed that if it ever left the walls of Troy, the city would perish. In myth it was embraced by Cassandra, the Trojan princess when she turned to it in supplication; and was stolen by Odysseus and Diomedes to secure the Achaeans’ victory. But later the Romans assigned to it a different story. According to them, Aeneas took it from the burning city to Italy, where safe within the new walls of Rome, it was kept in the Temple of Vesta.

The Palladion, therefore, is not merely a statue.
Its journey is not simply a matter of shipping a piece of art. Its departure and arrival are always of historic importance: symbolizing an end and a new beginning. The Palladion must always be protected, and if it is kept safe, it provides safety in return; and in times of peace, there is no need to fight for or against it. Throughout the centuries, many palladia found their homes in many cities. Wherever there was a Palladion it never signified distinction or honour, but responsibility and constant duty.

What is The Palladion?
Founded by former colleagues of the Collection of Classical Antiquities of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest in the spring of 2021, The Palladion is a space to work and create together, to discuss what we read and what we write, and to mix tradition with an openness towards the new. After all, who is to say which of us are the teachers and which of us the students. It’s always a matter of perspective.

What does The Palladion offer?
It offers a great number of antiquities – and we are always open. Our virtual gallery takes ancient artefacts from all over the world and presents them in the context of literature, music, and art, with a touch of playfulness and humour.

How can you support us
For the time being, Palladion is driven solely by our enthusiasm and commitment. But composing high-quality posts takes a lot of time, energy, and creativity.

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