Into the woods

Pictures from an excursion, mostly in the hills above Budapest. But where do the other images come from? Scroll down for the solutions and a puzzle!

Spring fresco (Thera, Akrotiri), 17th or 16th century BC. Athens, National Archaeological Museum (ΑΚΡ 1977.29).
Image source: wikipedia, 3D-model on Sketchfab.

Detail of a fresco in the Tomb of Sennedjem. Egypt, Deir el-Medine (TT1), 13th century BC. Copy by Charles K. Wilkinson (1922) at the Metropolitan Museum (30.4.2). Take a tour at the website of Describing Egypt.

Mosaic of a seated dog, 5th–6th century AD. International art market.
Image source: Sotheby’s.

Oak tree on a fresco from the Villa Livia in Rome, late 1st century BC. Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.
Image source: flickr, 3D-model on Sketchfab.

Two details from the frescoes of Casa del Bracciale d’Oro in Pompeii, early 1st century AD.
Source: Ernesto De Carolis, Painted gardens: Observations on execution technique, in V. Zech-Matterne – G. Fiorentino Agrumed: Archaeology and history of citrus fruits in the Mediterranean (OpenEdition Books).

Oops, one is still missing! Solve this puzzle to get the sixth image! Surely you can’t give up while listening to Ella Fitzgerlad – can you finish before the song ends?

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