The Apollon Quest

Summer is gone, but our hearts are still warm with the memories of the first summer camp of the Palladion.

We spent a week full of adventures on a divine mission with our campers from Kesztyűgyár Community House. Each day we followed the instructions of Apollon and Hermes to accomplish as many challenges as possible (and play as much as possible), so that by the end of the week, everyone’s head would be adorned with a wreath of golden laurels.

Thank you for all the laughter and fun! We are grateful to the staff at Klapka György Museum in Komárom and at Aquincum Museum for all their help. Special thanks go to Gabi Gátfalvi-Delbó for showing us around the excavation at Brigetio!

Photos: Nóra Böhler, Bettina Farkas, Etelka Jónás, Patricia Szikora, Noémi Tóth.

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