There are no straight lines

This lexicon entry would have made it much easier for QI panelists to answer Stephen Fry’s question below.

The breathtaking remains of the Athenian Parthenon are no doubt familiar to everyone: we have all seen the characteristic facade of the temple, if not in person, then surely in pictures. As Stephen Fry reveals – after a bit of a struggle – in this treasure of TV history, the perfect design of the building is created by its lack of straight lines: it has virtually no horizontal or vertical elements. The almost imperceptible optical refinements of this marvel of marble composition allow viewers – ancient and modern alike – to appreciate the most splendid example of Greek temple architecture.

Viewers of QI never got to learn what Stephen Fry had in mind – let the secrets be revealed here!

And what’s a bandaged cat doing above? Check out Hungarian animation movie Cat City!

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